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Small One Year Roses 6-7 Roses All Colours White Personalised Box

The small personalised hat box is filled with stunning preserved roses. The flowers are of very high quality. This lovely box comes complete with a ribbon. You can also add a diamante to each rose at an additional cost. The box is 13cms in diameter by 13cms in height and holds 6 extra large roses.  We offer a range of different colours of flowers to choose from. We also have a  selection of colours that can be used for the personalised writing to make this a lovely customised luxury gift. 

Our flowers are real and are preserved therefore they can last up to 3 years. Please make sure to keep them out of extreme temperatures for instance excessive sunlight , heat or moisture. The flowers do not require any water.

5.0 Average Review

I liked the 6 roses

Perfect gift for my girlfriend thanks 🙏

Bene Silva

I bought the light pink roses

A perfect gift for my mum and she bought another one too. It also lasts over 1 year so amazing.

Hassan Jaz

It’s so nice and pretty

I received it earlier than expected and I love the design of the writing snd flowers thanks so much


Better than it looks on the pictures

A nice present

Sam Loftus

Came to collect

I came to collect so nice thanks sweet people the flowers are perfect

Jacob Miller

My honest review

It is still looking fresh and lovely six months later

Lisa Gillings