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One Year Roses XL 6-7 Roses All Colours White Personalised Box


The personalised hat box is filled with stunning preserved roses. The flowers are of very high quality. This lovely box comes complete with a ribbon. You can also add a diamante to each rose at an additional cost. The box is 13cms in diameter by 13cms in height and holds 6 extra large roses.  We offer a range of different colours of flowers to choose from. We also have a  selection of colours that can be used for the personalised writing to make this a lovely customised luxury gift. 

Our flowers are real and are preserved therefore they can last up to 3 years. Please make sure to keep them out of extreme temperatures for instance excessive sunlight , heat or moisture. The flowers do not require any water.

5.0 Average Review

I liked the 6 roses

Perfect gift for my girlfriend thanks 🙏

Bene Silva

I bought the light pink roses

A perfect gift for my mum and she bought another one too. It also lasts over 1 year so amazing.

Hassan Jaz

It’s so nice and pretty

I received it earlier than expected and I love the design of the writing snd flowers thanks so much


Better than it looks on the pictures

A nice present

Sam Loftus

Came to collect

I came to collect so nice thanks sweet people the flowers are perfect

Jacob Miller

My honest review

It is still looking fresh and lovely six months later

Lisa Gillings


This single red rose was bought for my wife as an Anniversary gift. It arrived very well packaged and matched the description perfectly.



Beautiful product and the delivery is also good.


My Wife loves it

She loves the design its great

George K

In my living room

I placed it in my living room so pretty


ordered from Lostock-Horwich

Needed it for today for the quick response great and well presented



I like how they last so long and the colour stays the same through out they are amazing and didnt need to water the flowers either . Great tips and customer service is helpful.